The Mother of All Threads

In 2019 Disney decided to launch their new streaming platform: Disney+. Its biggest strength? Disney+ is much more than Disney, it’s also home for Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and Nat Geo. In other words, the content from all those brands was moving from all other streaming services to live exclusively on Disney+.


So how can we flex this in front of the world?


Instead of launching the platform with a huge TV spot, we launched it with 10 tweets that displayed all our force. We called it “The Mother Of All Threads”. A meticulously orchestrated thread between the iconic brands, where each one of them (with millions of followers) invited the following one to join the move to Disney+.


What started as a conversation between ten brands, quickly became a conversation between millions of people, becoming Trending Topic.


And the most important result: those 10 tweets led to 10 million sign-ups on the first day of launch.

  • Role:

    Art Director + Head of Art

    Thanks to:

    Renato Fernandez / Ariel Abramovici / Bruno Acanfora / Richard Cruz / Ryan Siepert